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    DQ67SW Bios does not detect sata hard drive

    John Horrocks

      I am building a new system using an Intel DQ67SW Motherboard, 16GB DDRAM3 memory, Samsung 830 64GB sata SSD, Seagate Barracuda, sata 500GB HD and 2 sata DVDs. The Bios detects the SSD in sata port 0, and DVDs in sata port 3 & 4 but does not detect the Seagate HD in sata port 1. I have switched the SSD and HD ports and the Bios detects the SSD in sata port 1 but does not detect the HD in sata port 0. I have switched out the HD with another identical HD and still no Bios detection. I have verified all sata cables and power cables are working. The Configure Sata are set to ACHI mode. Have made many changes in Bios settings to no avail. Currently Bios is set to default settings.


      Sata ports 0 & 1 are 6GB and Sata ports 3&4 are 3GB. Bios version is 52. Bios version 54 is the latest but no mention is made of a HD detect problem so I am taking Intel's advice and not updating the Bios unless to solve a known problem.


      Any suggestions would be appreciated.