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    dz77ga-70k cpu config

    Tadashi Dalba

      I need help couse my cpu ran from 1596 idle to 3592 load and its 3570k! it should ran at 3.8Ghz with turbo boost! I cannot access on wefi bios since my wifi keyboard-mice do not work just must go on classic mode where I only loaded xmp profile for ram modules. Turbo boost appair as already On.

      The ram are corsair dominator platinum 1600mhz cl9 but on cpu z I can see dram frequency: 798.3Mhz

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          3.6GHz is the normal Turbo boost frequency when 4 cores are active. 3.8GHz is if only one or two cores are active, so maybe the application you are using to test is using all 4 cores.


          For wifi, do you have the wifi/bluetooth module plugged into the motherboard?


          Also the ram reporting at half speed for 1 stick is normal for dual channel setups I believe.

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