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    DZ77GA-70K @ 0049 - Won't boot with anything connected to Marvell.


      I have two Samsung SSDs in RAID 0 and three Seagates in RAID 5, all on the first controller. Windows 7 flew through install with minimum hardware, but now I have a problem that looks like my second RMA on this board.

      Connecting ANY device to either of the Marvell controller's two ports causes the system to fail to boot with the following message "Reboot and select proper boot device or insert boot media in selected boot device and press a key".

      I have tried, in turn, each of an Iomega REV 70 SATA drive, Seagate ST380815AS, and an Optiarc DVD RW AD-7170S. Each works when plugged into the sixth SATA port - the only one of the six that is free, but results in the boot message when attached to either Marvell port.

      Devices plugged into the SATA300 TX4 card and the Marvell ports are recognised early on in the boot process. The devices attached to the SATA300 are not seen by Windows - when it does boot.

      Update #1:

      While looking online for another SATA RAID card to replace my older Promise SATA 300 TX4, I found a review of a totally different adapter card where the reviewer mentioned his card would not work if the on-board RAID controller was enabled.


      I removed the SATA 300, and presto, the Marvell ports are working as they should.

      Shouldn't the BIOS resolve this conflict before loading the OS?

      Update #2:

      Intel released BIOS 0053 about mid-September. The StarTech  PEXSAT34, (4-port PCIe x4 SATA adapter) now works without issue. This is great, as this card accepts non-disk peripherals, which the Promise SATA 300 TX4 did not.



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