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    Samsung Q330 i5-560m Graphic drivers + overheating



      Due to massive overheating of the processor in my old computer (Samsung's Q330-JA01IL; i5-520m;intel HD graphics + nvidia 310m under optimus) I have received a new computer from my country's Samsung representatives which is exactly the same except the processor, as stated above, is now a bit stronger - i5-560m.

      Now I am suffering a failure of the driver assigned to my intel's graphic processor. It flickers every few seconds and errors that the driver has stopped working and recovered. During my registration to this forum and posting this thread it happened close to 30 times, and yes, I counted.

      More over I'd like to hear an expert from Intel explaining why the processor on these models get so easily overheated. The processors on both computers (and I'd like to remind you that this computer is brand new and barely used) had an average of 60C while idle, jumping after less than 10 seconds of stress to 105C and shutting down. These processors cannot handle the windows 7 built in system rating feature, neither PCMark 7 benchmarking. It takes them less than 10 seconds to overheat. Imagine what full HD playback or medium scale gaming will do to them. As of today after purchasing a massive external cooling fan, I can say it had no effect what so ever on neither of the problems.

      After considerable online research I am aware the first issue of the driver crashing is an issue of the drivers and not the hardware. Is there a way to fix this? As of now it is unbearable to even surf the web or write a document.

      Second of all, please inform me if the overheating issue is a known problem of the Samsung's Q330 line, or if there's any kind of a solution to this – software wise or some kind of hardware replacement solution. I'd like to state that the older machine has worked for more than a year without any problems. I am still under warranty but samsung's representative's technicians have no idea how to deal with this and I am getting quite frustrated.



      Intel HD Graphics + Nvidia 310m (optimus)

      4GB DDR

      64bit Windows 7 ultimate

      *** All drivers have been updated to most recent versions and reinstalled (or completely removed and reinstalled) numerous times.

      *** I have used more about 5 third party softweres to measure core temperture, And used many ways to test the stability of my system - all regenarated the above issues. I've noticed that Windows 7 Aero is the driver's favorite trigger for crashing (disabling it only made the crashes abit less frequent).



      Thank you,



      Edit: I just tried using the old drivers from october 2010 that came with the old machine (version: No improvement what so ever, the driver still fails as often as it used.