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    i7 3770K Memory



      Can i use the G-Skills 2660 Trident X in my i7 3770K CPU?


      Thanks a million

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          While the i7-3770K processor lists DDR3 1600 as the maximum supported memory, they are well known to work with much higher speed memory like the G.SKILL you listed.


          The actual question is whether or not your mother board will work with that memory, and if the memory voltage is at or below the maximum for that CPU. Check your boards memory QVL list, which should be on its download page. Mother boards can be very picky about which memory they will work with, and memory that is not in the QVL list is not guaranteed to work, even if the memory manufacture states that it is.

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            Thanks a millin bud, I will be using Asus V-Pro Z77 Thunderbolt.