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    DX79SI Sleep Issues




      I've recently purchased an Intel DX79SI and 3930K. I am having issues with the machine going to sleep. Often, the fans will keep spinning after the transition to sleep, and the PC will not wake up. I have to hold the power button down, to turn it off and turn the PC back on.


      I have updated to BIOS 0537. I have even done a recovery mode update to 0537, to no avail. I've tried loading defaults, trying all sorts of different power options in the BIOS, to no avail.


      I've unplugged all peripherals except K/B, mouse and monitor.


      I am using an Intel 510 SSD and 2 X WD Blacks in RAID0. The PSU is an Antec TruePower 750W, and my graphics card is an Asus GTX570.


      The SSD, HDD, PSU and Graphics Card were all fine for ages on an Intel DP55WG and i7 870. That machine would sleep and wake and sleep no problems at all.


      Is there something i'm missing?

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          Which drives are connected to which ports and what is the boot arrangement?

          What capacity are the wd drives?

          What OS are you running?

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            I am using Windows 7 x64 with all available updates.


            The SSD is on SATA Port 0, (6GB/s) and the 2 1TB FAEX WS Blacks are on black ports (3gbs). I've also an LG Bluray burner attached to the Sata 3gbs.


            All drivers are the latest according to downloadcenter.intel.com for the DX79SI and the latest WHQL drivers from nVidia.


            So far, in addition to my previous post, I have tried the setting "sleep delay after bios update" in the BIOS, different RAM, and disconnecting all the fans except the CPU.


            I guess the next thing to try would be an ATI card and disconnect all drives except the SSD.


            The strange thing is, on a fresh boot, it will sleep the first time, and resume just fine. It is any subsequent sleeps that it fails on.


            Its a fresh install of Windows, done just last night (Off topic, but OMG I had major issues, if I used F10 to select my bootable USB to install Windows from, Windows Setup would report that it cant be installed to either the SSD or the RAID array. If I set the boot priority in the BIOS to USB first - same thing. AND the same issue occured if I put Optical before the HDD in the boot priority, and used my regular ol' Windows DVD! My solution was to clean the SSD in diskpart and add my USB AFTER the SSD in the boot priority! That was with the latest F6 drivers for this board, BTW)

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              Seems the only way to troubleshoot this is to hook up a hdd in place of the ssd and see if it can repeatedly sleep/resume ok.

              If so, then you'll need the ssd experts to chime in here. Very odd that it will sleep once but not twice in a row.

              One thing to try, go to control panel > power options and disable hybrid sleep.

              That one has caused me resume from sleep grief in certain arrangements.


              I see that you too have hit the 'can't install this - can't boot that' wall as well!! 

              Yes, boot order on these motherboards can be important and 'dirty' drives can cause headaches.


              I've had the same thing after moving a pair of raid hdd's from the marvell controller to the intel controller, but didn't realise what the problem was until I put the drives back on the marvell controller.

              To my amazement I found that the controller still saw the drives as configured for raid, even after having been configured for raid on the intel controller and still with the name I gave the array when it was on the marvell controller!!

              So I deleted the volume in the marvell controller and used it's wipe disk utility, then all worked fine on the intel controller.

              I too have discovered diskpart > clean to be our friend. 

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                Running the build-in Windows tool "powercfg -ENERGY" in a dos box (administrator mode) may also give insight which device has problems with sleep.

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                  Running powercfg -energy, it reports that the USB hubs may be preventing sleep. I'm going to go disable them all and see what happens. - EDIT: Did not resolve sleep issue.


                  Removing all SATA devices except SSD did not resolve the sleep issue. Using an nVidia 7300LE with 285 drivers didn't resolve the issue.


                  I've also cleared the BIOS by removing the battery for a while, it reported that the date time and cmos checksum was invalid, so I know it cleared.

                  My sleep problem remains...


                  Are there people out there that have the DX79SI with NO sleep problems on BIOS 0537?

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                    I've tried a different PSU to no avail... I might start a support ticket. Is this a known problem with this mobo/bios?

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                      You will need to try a standard hdd in place of the ssd before starting a ticket, they will only ask you to do this anyway.

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                        Im in the process of doing that now... Cheers for the heads up before I submit the ticket

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                          I did a fresh install on an 6 year old HDD... bit slow lol


                          Fresh install, no drivers or updates except nVidia 304 beta, chipset inf and Intel LAN 17.2 = success!! It has automatically gone to sleep and woken properly 3 times in a row! W00t! lol


                          Now to get the ssd back in and replicate the install, ie no drivers or updates...

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                            You can check if your SDD (Intel 510 SSD) has the latest firmware. Intel docs about the 510 are unclear if an update was released and what was fixed.

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                              The same install conditions on the SSD have resulted in success too.


                              I've just started all available windows updates.


                              The previous install did have the Intel ME drivers and Extreme Tuning Utility, Intel Desktop Utilities and USB3 drivers, not to mention the fact that i installed the inf with the -overall flag... This time round I didnt do that. I'll do the usb3 next, test it out, make an image and delve deeper...


                              I admit 3 suspend and resume cycles is nothing conclusive, but previously it wouldn't manage 2... 


                              FIngers crossed.


                              And RobD, I found a work around for cant boot this can't install there in windows setup from a USB stick... Set the hdd you want to install to first in the boot order, then enable "boot USB first" instead of moving the USB stick up the list!

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                                Excellent!! We are all having a win tonight....or today...night for me! 

                                Yes, I am finding that the order of business in setting up these boards can lead to very different outcomes.

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                                  I was having the same issues you describe. In my troubleshooting, I started with msconfig, services tab, hide all Microsoft services, and then I unticked the extreme tuning utility (its status was showing as running). I restarted and then manually selected sleep - success! I woke it up, and let it enter sleep state normally - success! I uninstalled XTU and haven't had a repeat of any sleep issue. I guess I got lucky by picking the XTU first and I don't really miss it.

                                  I hope this helps.

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                                    So, a few days later all is well. XTU is gone, and the machine is up to scratch. Windows 8 was released on Technet, and I can confirm sleep works on that, too

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