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    INTEL D865PERL Board does not power up when plugged in


      , no powerNot sure how long ago this started, but when I unplug the power supply for a few months or longer then plug back in unit will not turn on.
      Motherboard green LED is on getting power but no fas Nothing. Then when I leave it alone plugged in after about a minute the led fans inside and the led power indicators start a very dim flashing.  then you can see the cpu fan  flickering as well, after another minute it gets brighter and the power starts to work. ath this point i can hold the power button and shut the computer off and turn it on any time without problems. Its like when you first plug it in it needs to energize itself then it works until you unplug the power again. Tried to unplug all devices, remove all cards, hold the power buttons, reset the bios, remove the small battery nothing helps. Intel wont support this board no more and would love to know which ic chip or component in the boards PS is bad and needs to be replaced... is there a solution to this or just junk the junk?