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    Dead ss4200e (Lightning) -- options?


      I have an ss4200e that was zapped by lightning last night.  Looks like it hopped in over the network and likely toasted the southbridge.  The system will not power-up at all and there is evidence of damaged components at the NIC connection.  I'm clinging to hope that the 4 RAID 5 drives are undamaged. :-)  Both the desktop and this ss4200 that contained my data were victims of the same strike so I definitely need to make an attempt to recover the NAS data in parallel with the desktop -- maybe one will be good.


      Any suggestions on next steps to try to recover the data would be greatly appreciated.  I'm perfectly happy to purchase another ss4200 online (I see several on ebay/amazon) but wanted to find out if there are any pre-checks I could perform on the drives without damaging the data or RAID integrity.  Once I have installed the drives into a new ss4200, will the new box detect and utilize the existing RAID5 or will this require additional steps to recover (assume the drives are not dead.)  Are there any "better" alternatives than a new/used ss4200?


      Thanks in advance, Todd