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    BIOS Update for SR1400

    Robert Chadwick

      I have an SR1400 rackmount computer. I can't tell what motherboard is in it (The few numbers I did find didn't match up to anything), but the only motherboard I ever found associated with this chassis is a SE7520JR2. My problem is, I need to update the memory. Currently, there are 4 512MB sticks. I installed 2GB sticks, but they were recognized as 512MB. I'm guessing the BIOS needs updating. I forget the version, but it was dated 2004. So, I downloaded this:


      System Update Package (BIOS 10.0; IMM 0.49; FRUSDR 6.6.B; SRx400 HSC_SATA 1.09; SRx400 HSC_SCSI 1.07; SR1450 HSC_SATA 1.0) [SE7520JR2_SUP_2006-01-20.ZIP


      From here:

      Download Center


      I burned it to a CD, and booted. It gave a bunch of choices, and said I should start at the top, and work my way down. None of the options did anything (Either said didn't apply to my hardware, incompatible, wrong version, or some other similar message), until I got to the actual BIOS update. I did the update, reset the CMOS, and now I get two errors:


      Error (84FF) : System Event Log Full

      Error (8600) : Primary & Secondary BIOS ID's don't match.


      . The BIOS version still shows the same. Can anyone tell me if this is the right BIOS? Did I do something wrong?



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          If you can open the top cover, there is a white sticker on the motherboard that will tell you what board it is.


          If you can't open the top cover, F2 into the BIOS, and note the current BIOS revision.  Paste it as a reply here, and I'll tell you which board you have.