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    DQ77MK + I3-2120T no video

    Konrad Trojok



      I have buildt a new system:




      2* 4GB Kingston KVR 1333 CL9

      Intel SSD 330-Series


      Additionally I would like to have two storage controllers installed .. one PCIe x4 card from adaptec and one PCIe x4 card from Emulex.


      First of all, I have been reviewing a couple of threads regarding the installation of cards other then video in the x16 PEG slot with the result, that this is totally fine to do so.


      Now when  powering on, thereis no video output, I already tried both DVI connectors. Could it be, that the board is assuming an external video card by population the x16 slot? Therefore a solution could be to remove the storage controller, boot into CMOS and configure internal graphics only.


      Any hint appreciated ..



      Konrad Trojok