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    Server Board S5520HC


      HI All,


      I inherited this board :-) and I am trying to power it up. When I power up I hear 1-5-4-4 beep. What does it need to power up? I have a OCZ 1250 W power supply. Do I need to get something connected to the "Aux PWR SIGNAL"? What do I need to buy?


      I have been searching and found nothing on this.


      Thanks all in advance.

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          Hello Georges,


          According to the TPS, the beep code indicates power control fault.

          That powersupply fits the requirements: minimum 550W, minimum 3amps 5V stand by current.

          Have you confirmed that the power supply is working properly?

          You said you "inherited" this board, I guess it was maybe on the junk pile for a reason?




          EDIT: I powered on my reference Hanlan Creek system, after disconnecting the auxilery power signal header and it booted without issuing an error code.