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    How to Enable VT ?


      I have Mobile Intel T5600 Core2Duo 1.83GHz. It's VT capable. but disabled the feature. There is no option in BIOS to enable it. Please can you help me with this. I'm desperate to solve this. Cause I can't install Intel HAXM.

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          In this case it is necessary that you contact the computer manufacturer. This is a feature that the processor has from factory but the manufacture of the laptop has the possibility to allow you enable or disable it on the BIOS. Since you said that the option on the BIOS doesn’t seem to exist, the manufacturer didn’t include in there. The only possibility is that the computer manufacture provides you a BIOS update that allows to enable the VT option on BIOS level.

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            The Acer haven't release a BIOS update to this. As far I'm on the latest. So my only hope lies. It is so stupid and     what is the point of VT capable if we can't use it. Can I get a suitable OEM BIOS that has VT enable option ?