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    Dual Xeon E5 CPU Performance for 3dMax Design 2012 - Vray Addin

    erhan copur

      hi all

      This is my first post so hope it will be answered, i'll try to make a simple one. Basicly For Rendering purposes of an airport design we are using Win7 enterprise 64 bit and hp z210 with Xeon E3 cpu and quadro2000 graphics card, 16gb ram. With Vray2.0 addin it takes up to 5 and half hours. What we want is to use Dual Xeon E5 cpu with 32 or more ram and the same graphic card and fasten this process. Has any one got any idea or better suggestions for this issue, or anyone uses a computer like this or better one? Any idea abou Core i7 proccessor can be a better solution.

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          If you are planning to move and get a Dual Xeon E5 processor it will be a very good improvement because you will not have only one processor working, you will have two units working at the same time. I don’t know exactly which the model is, but the features of this type of processors comparing with the E3 are better. For the type of work the system is dedicated the video card and the RAM have a lot of work too, if you have the chance to add a second video card using an Nvidia* SLI* bridge or ATI® Crossfire* that will be a very good improvement too. Talking about RAM, if you add more memory the time the work takes will improve too.


          About Intel® Core™ i7 processors are a good option too, the unlock version for 2011 socket, X79 chipset motherboard are excellent choices, but they are a little expensive.