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    Sata drivers & backward compatablity

    Jim Schafer


      I'm tasked at work to get multiple computers to boot to winpe flash drive.

      We use Bartpe & windows 7 winpe 3.0.  My problem is currently with Bartpe though.


      I've got aahci & iastor drivers for optiplex 780 bartpe boots.

      but then a new computer hp 6200 won't boot from flash drive.

      New drivers for hp 6200 cause the optiplex 780 not to boot.


      Two questions

      Can I merge the inf files somehow?


      Are aahci & iastor newest drivers supposed to be backward compatible???


      The other issue is since the drivers have same name I don't think the drivers can co-exist in bartpe or winpe 3.0.

      Thanks in advance for any assistance given.