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    Dual Channel Problem with Desktop Board DP67BG

    Stefan Hafner

      Hello together,


      is there anyone, who has a dual channel problem with the Desktop Board DP67BG, expect to me?


      I tried several positions with the RAM, else I tried it with 2 GB and 4 GB RAM. When only 1 RAM is running, everything works fine.

      When you put 2 RAM, there are three long beep, so that seems to be a problem with the RAM. But I do not think that a RAM is broken cause I tried several.


      Maybe the board is broken.


      Greetings. Stefan




      Hallo zusammen,


      kennt jemand von euch Probleme mit Dual Channel beim folgenden Board: Desktop Board DP67BG?


      Ich habe sämtliche Positionen der Channel versucht, jeweils mit 2 GB und 4 GB Riegeln.

      Ist ein Riegel verbaut, läuft alles normal. Sobald ein zweiter Riegel dazu kommt, beept es 3x lang.

      Defekte Riegel können auch ausgeschlossen werden.


      Ist evtl. das Board kaputt?


      Danke euch.

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          Hello Stefan

          I understand that you are experiencing problems running your memory in dual channel on the Intel(R) Desktop Board DP67BG.


          Currently I recommend you to confirm that both memory modules are exactly the same part number and that they meet the requirements for the motherboard and processor. Remember that Intel(R) processors are not rated to use memory higher than 1.5v and on your motherboard they can go up to 1333MHz.