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    Cannot Run HD 4000 Graphics on DQ77MK / i7-3770


      I have an i7-3770 on an Intel DQ77MK. Other hardware (all new) are:

      - memory Geil GOC316GB1333C9DC 8G+8G (officially tested by Intel for this motherboard)

      - SSD 240GB Kingston V+200 A21 (SVP200S3/240G) (already was with the latest firmware)

      - PSU Seasonic 400W X-400 FANLESS GOLD (SS-400FL)

      - no CD/DVD

      - no external graphics card

      - mouse, keyboard

      - monitor (tested LCD LG and Philips (digital/analog) and CRT Samsung (analog))


      i.e. ideal system IMHO


      The problem is when graphics drivers have been installed and the PC is restarted Windows always rebooted or BSOD-ed (with random codes) when graphics has been initialized.

      Sometimes I can see logon screen for a second or two but usually it reboots right after the animated logo screen.

      The behavior is the same for the all Windows I was able to find - Windows 7 64 bit and 32 bit and Windows XP 32 bit with or without the latest updates.

      When I go to the safe mode and uninstall the graphics drivers then everything is good and stable - I did "burn", memtest86 etc. tests for hours.


      What were done trying to fix this:

      - tested all 4 BIOSes available including the latest 0049

      - tested drivers from DVD, the latest from the download center and Microsoft Update and even for Windows8

      - memory was tested with memtest86, MS memtest and from Windows using Sandra

      - memory sticks were swapped, tested one by one and together, in the blue and in the black slots

      - PSU was swapped with fully working Enermax Pro82+

      - SSD was put into IDE and AHCI mode as well as plugged in into all 5 sockets


      All above has no effect at all.

      The only effect I can catch is when memory timings were changed to the slowest direction I be able to see logon screen for a couple of seconds more.


      To summarize - when graphics drivers are not installed then the system is stable like a rock.


      I am suspecting either CPU (it's GPU core) or motherboard.

      Please help me.

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          Hi Planer


          Great detail in your report and troubleshooting. I would tend to agree in your conclusion. Hardware does occasionally fail. I would recommend getting an RMA for the MB and CPU. You may want to start with the CPU and if that does not resolve the issue then the MB. Do you have access to another CPU that you could test to help narrow down the failure?

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            Hi Robert_U,


            Unfortunately the only way to check is bring CPU and MB back to their shops and get another ones. These are the last resort options.

            Are there some tool that I can run to test either CPU's GPU or chipset in relation to GPU using VGA or text mode?

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              Here is a good Processor test suite that may be helpful.




              And a few other diagnostic tools:



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                Thank you for the links.


                If graphics drivers are not installed then all tests passed well.

                I am going to replace CPU and/or MB to see which one is faulting and will report the results in a month (replacing is another headache here).

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                  Really? you both think its hardware? in your detailed diagnostic you revealed how it can't be hardware by stating that when the driver isn't loaded, the hardware works fine. This is an excellent way to show how the software (driver) is the problem.


                  Second, RMA the CPU and the MB? really? Lets say that for some reason, it is hardware (going against all logic as laid out in the detailed troubleshooting steps taken above) The GPU is integrated into the CPU so that could be the only hardware place that could possibly be bad. The MB has no graphics processing capabilities, just the PCIe bus that takes the GPU signal and routs it to the port. Now, unless there is a bug in the chipset that is only activated by the use of the Intel HD graphics driver that switches the output, it cant be the MB - and even if there was this bug that only works in this very unlikely way, it would still be software, either by being the .inf files for the chipset or the BIOS files for the MB.


                  This is clearly a driver issue that Intel is either choosing to ignore (see thread: Re: Intel HD 4000 No Display after loading Windows 7 ) or by simply neglecting to fix. Robert_U was active over there, but for some reason has not responded in months. Yes, this has been an issue on their premier CPUs w/iGPU for months and still no resolution. Intel makes fantastic hardware but I'm guessing they got Bob from Accounting to write their drivers.


                  *steps off his soap box, gets in his car and drives to the store to buy an AMD branded product*