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    Cannot Run HD 4000 Graphics on DQ77MK / i7-3770


      I have an i7-3770 on an Intel DQ77MK. Other hardware (all new) are:

      - memory Geil GOC316GB1333C9DC 8G+8G (officially tested by Intel for this motherboard)

      - SSD 240GB Kingston V+200 A21 (SVP200S3/240G) (already was with the latest firmware)

      - PSU Seasonic 400W X-400 FANLESS GOLD (SS-400FL)

      - no CD/DVD

      - no external graphics card

      - mouse, keyboard

      - monitor (tested LCD LG and Philips (digital/analog) and CRT Samsung (analog))


      i.e. ideal system IMHO


      The problem is when graphics drivers have been installed and the PC is restarted Windows always rebooted or BSOD-ed (with random codes) when graphics has been initialized.

      Sometimes I can see logon screen for a second or two but usually it reboots right after the animated logo screen.

      The behavior is the same for the all Windows I was able to find - Windows 7 64 bit and 32 bit and Windows XP 32 bit with or without the latest updates.

      When I go to the safe mode and uninstall the graphics drivers then everything is good and stable - I did "burn", memtest86 etc. tests for hours.


      What were done trying to fix this:

      - tested all 4 BIOSes available including the latest 0049

      - tested drivers from DVD, the latest from the download center and Microsoft Update and even for Windows8

      - memory was tested with memtest86, MS memtest and from Windows using Sandra

      - memory sticks were swapped, tested one by one and together, in the blue and in the black slots

      - PSU was swapped with fully working Enermax Pro82+

      - SSD was put into IDE and AHCI mode as well as plugged in into all 5 sockets


      All above has no effect at all.

      The only effect I can catch is when memory timings were changed to the slowest direction I be able to see logon screen for a couple of seconds more.


      To summarize - when graphics drivers are not installed then the system is stable like a rock.


      I am suspecting either CPU (it's GPU core) or motherboard.

      Please help me.

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          Hello Planer,

          I understand that after you install the Intel(R) video drivers, you cant boot in to Windows*.

          I see that you have performed most of the possible troubleshooting that can be done, the last thing to try will be to install the monitor driver / INF file before you restart the computer after installing the video driver.

          If the problem continues, I recommend you to post your inquire at the graphics forum so that they can replicate the issue that you are experiencing.



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            Hi Victor_Intel,


            The MB and CPU both are in the service center now. Let's see their conclusion.


            I did not install the monitor driver right after installing the video driver, but I did see that Windows named my monitor correctly so I guess it's driver was loaded.