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    Driver suggestion?


      I have the Intel(R) Graphics Family driver, I do a bit of gaming and I know HP computers aren't the best, and I kind of regret buying this computer, so I'm stuck with the driver. I was wondering if there are any updates or if there are any other drivers or graphic cards that are better than the driver I am currently using. Here's an image of my specs. I'm posting here because the download utility that automatically checks if there's an update is "unavailable"


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          I think what is going on is you have an OEM specific driver installed on your system that is blocking installing the Intel HD Graphics generic driver. There is a way to install the generic driver and overwrite the OEM installed driver however, you must be warned that you will loose any OEM customizations HP made to the driver specific to your system.


          If you want to try the generic driver, follow these steps:


          1. Download the latest graphics driver for your system is can be downloaded here.

          2. Extract win7_64-152612.zip to a folder on your desktop.


          3. Open Control Panel


          4. Open Device Manager


          5. Double click on Display Adapters


          6. Double click on Intel HD Graphics Family


          7. Click on Driver tab


          8. Click on Update Driver button


          9. Click on "Browse my computer for driver software" option


          10.  Click on "Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer" option


          11. Click on Have Disk button


          12. On the Install From Disk dialog, click Browse


          13. In the Locate File dialog, navigate to the folder you extracted the driver to in step 2 above.


          14. When you have navigated to that folder, navigate to the Graphics sub-folder


          15. In the Graphics sub-folder, you will see the file "igdlh64.inf", double click this file


          16. You will then be back at the "Install From Disk" dialog, click OK


          17. You will then be back at the "Update Driver Software" dialog, click Next


          18. The driver installer will now start, wait for it to complete


          19. When the process has completed, close the open Device Manager dialogs and you will be asked to reboot.


          20. Reboot and you should be updated.

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            2622 is an old version for this CPU. That's a Sandy Bridge based Pentium model and therefore the 2761 driver should work.

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              Good call Yups, links changed.