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    Problem creating 3TB mirror on DX58 Motherboard

    Nik Simpson

      First the hardware configuration:

      Intel DX58SO motherboard


      Port 1 - WD 3TB hard drive

      Port 2 - WD 3TB hard drive

      Port 3 - Seagate 1TB hard drive

      Port 4 - Seagate 1TB hard drive

      Port 5 - Intel 80GB SSD

      Port 6 - DVD burner


      Ports 3-6 are unchanged (i.e. they've been in the system for several years, the two 1TB drives are in a mirror)


      I've just installed the two 3TB drives that I want to configure as a 3TB RAID1 volume. Initially I had problems with the drives only being seen as 745GB in the BIOS, so I updated the BIO to and the Intel RAPID Storage drivers and console for the latest version available for my motherboard, so

      1. BIOS was updated succesfully using SOX5810J.86A.5599.EB.EXE

      2. Intel  RST is version #


      I now see the 3TB drives in the BIOS and can create a RAID volume that the BIOS is quite happy with, however when I boot in Windows 7 (64-bit) the volume is missing, and RST doesn't see the drives attached to ports 1&2 at all.


      Anybody  have any idea what I'm doing wrong?