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    Burst and Sustained Power limit cannot be changed in BIOS 0036 and BIOS 0037 of DZ68BC, anybody seen this problem?


      BIOS 0036 and 0037 solved a couple of overclocking problems. It is now possible to change multipliers and their values seem to stick.


      What is still a problem is that in the performance screen of the BIOS:

      Burst Mode Power Limit (default value = 118)

      Sustained Mode Power Limit (default value = 95)

      are white in the BIOS screen but cannot be changed


      When doing a stress test with 1 thread the Processor Frequency goes to the configured frequency (all multipliers are configured identical). When doing stress test with more than 1 thread the Power Limit becomes very quickly the bottleneck.


      In XTU and HWiNFO64 v4.02-1700 the Turbo Boost Power Max values are even displayed as 4095,875.


      Observed on DZ68BC, AA30742-401 with i7-2600K.