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      I bought DP43TF MB's for High Performance PC's (Core 2 Duo E8500, PNY Nvidia 280 GTX 1024Mb Video Card, HDD WD Velociraptor, Cooler Master 650W PSU, 8Gb RAM DDR2 Kingston 800Mhz -standard-, OS Win Vista 64 bit), but I can't see any video at all. The same thing happened when I used my PNY Nvidia GeForce 9800 GT 1024Mb Video Card, but when I installed my old Nvidia 7200 GT Video Card the problem seems to dissappear.


      When using 9800GT VC's the motherboard fan doesn't start at all, or starts, and after a couple of spins suddenly stops. When using 280GTX VC's the MoBo fan starts and seems to decrease it's speed, but doesn't turn off, just keep going. The "beep" that all the MoBo's do when booting occurs after 20 seconds or so. The most important problem for me right now is the support for the 280 GTX VC's.


      I already updated Bios, used other RAM memories (different bus speeds and Mb's) but nothing. The problem is that I own 21 of those MB's... can anyone help me? I'm from Mexico.