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    D2500HN does not boot if CMOS battery is empty



      I'm working with a D2500HN and configured the BIOS setting "After Power Failure" to <Power On>.

      I saved this setting via "Save Custom Defaults" to make sure it is used as factory default.

      Works perfectly. The setting survives a battery exchange with no problem.

      But... If the battery is empty(and is not being exchanged) the BIOS does not boot anymore.

      I had the same behaviour some years ago with an SOYO board too, which turns out ot be a BIOS error.

      Is this the same here?


      Please consider that this mainboard is obstructed into an unmanned facility with no chance to change the battery.

      After some years of operation(= cmos battery is exhausted) a power interruption will lead to complete failure because the mainboard does not power up again.




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          Hello Uwe,


          I understand that you are inquiring about the motherboard keeping the settings in BIOS after a power failure when the battery is discharged.


          In regards to your inquire, the battery is designed that in case of a power loss, the motherboard CMOS will sustain the settings. In case that the battery is discharged, it is expected behavior to have the motherboard return to the default settings that in this case it is after power loss keep shutdown.


          Now, if you specific needs require that the motherboard will keep this option to boot after power failure, you can modify the BIOS using the Intel(R) Integrator Toolkit and changing the option to the default being enable.





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            Hello PV,


            I changed the default setting already(see above) but the mainboard is not booting anyway. I have to to power on  the board manually.