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    dz77ga-70k code 14 and 3 beep together


      hello everybody, please help me!


      i bought a new board  dz77ga-70k with i7 3770k and everything was working grate.

      i tried to change the bios version to GAZ7711H.86A.0021.EB.X64.EXE

      and then my comuter restart automaticly and installed the bios , turn off automaticly and did not turn on automaticly


      so i did it ,and turn on the computer ,its almost got to the windows but then show me blue screen for one secound and fall

      and it's repeat again.

      after that its shown me a screen with many options to do, but i frightened and i press reset , since then the board show me code 14 and making

      3 beep, pause, 3 beep Without a break.


      ive tried many options:

      1.recovery my bios to the same version and to another version.

      2. to turn on with one slot memory.

      3. to turn on with another memory

      4. to remove the bios battery and wait for 10 minutes.


      nothing helps, the computer still making the 3 beep sound and code 14.


      how can i fixed it ?and what should be the problem?