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    DVI output suddenly not working on p8h77-m system running 64bit windows 7


      Was literally just on the internet earlier today on ebay and my windows 7 system made a noise that it makes when a usb device has been unplugged. As soon as I heard that one of my two dual display monitors running off the dvi output lost signal. Since then I cannot get the DVI output to work on my Asus p8h77-m on a normal windows boot unless I remove the drivers and use the windows standard vga adapter driver. It works fine in safe mode and before the windows 7 welcome screen then it goes dead as it loads windows. The VGA port works 100% fine all the time.

      I don't game on my machine so I would just use the MS Standard VGA drivers but I can't configure my dual display as extended only a clone.

      Any ideas why this has happened? Have tried a few different versions of the intel driver from website but all have the same results, have also tried a system restore to a few days ago when it was working and removed any windows updates that happened today but still no joy.