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    KVM not working with TLS


      Hey everyone,

      I’m hoping you can help with another issue I’m having.

      I am provisioning systems with SCS 8.1. When I provision a system without TLS and can control the GUI of the client however when I provision a system with TLS I cannot. I can power on and off the workstation. I can also get to the web GUI however I cannot control the GUI.

      Any ideas on how I can troubleshoot?

      I have included screen shots and have tried to contol the systems with multiple products:

      • KVM View Intergration with SCCM doesn’t show the desktop it stops at using proxy
      • Management Commander Tool just sits at connect/abort connect
      • VNC Viewer Plus starts and gives the error The connection closed unexpectedly
      • I can log into the Web GUI and everything works with TLS


      Any help would be great.