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    Problem with i7 3770 memory controller?


      I have an i7 3770 running at 3.40GHz on an Asrock Z77 Pro3 mainboard with 2x Corsair 4GB DDR3-1600 1.35v RAM.


      There seems to be an issue with the memory controller, as both RAM sticks test fine in any slot on the both board separately, but together in either single or dual channel mode they give errors in MemTest86+ and BSOD in Windows 7.


      I also tried dropping the RAM timing a bit and bumping up the voltage, neither made any difference.


      Checking with Corsair, they gave this answer:


      "If each stick passes by itself, but when used together causes BSOD, there is an issue unrelated to the memory. First update the BIOS as the early BIOS versions of the Z77 had some memory compatibility issues. Then test each stick in each DIMM slot. If all the DIMMs pass like it did with the module, then its most likely an issue with the memory controller in your CPU (which would make sense since any additional load beyond 1 stick causes issues). Let me know if this helps."


      Is this reasonable or are there any other explanations?