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    Intel® Server System R2312GZ4GCSAS RAID options


      Hi there!


      I am  interested in purchasing the Intel® Server System R2312GZ4GCSAS but I have problems identifying RAID options that come with it. :-(

      This is the link with the description of the system:



      This is the link that describes the Intel® Server System R2300GZ Family:



      Both pages say that there is no RAID 6 support for R2312GZ4GCSAS and the same page says that there is integrated RMS25CB080 HW RAID module. That module supports RAID6, but documentations says that the system supports only Software RAID 1,0,10 optional 5.


      I would like to purchase this system with 12 3.5” Hot Swap Drive Carriers, but I need RAID 6 support. Can you tell me what is the right information for this one (I would contact Intell support but they are unavailable now and I need the info for monday morning)?


      Thanks in advance.