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    DZ77GA-70K BIOS boot priority does not show all my drives.

    Dallas Clement

      If I enter the BIOS by pressing F2, the boot priority section does not show all my drives.  I have two Intel SSD drives, and 3 spinning media drives (Seagate and WD).  It's only showing one of my SSD drives.  All of the drives show up under the SATA devices though.


      Even more oddly, if I enter the BIOS Boot Menu by pressing F10, all of my drives are present.


      Looks like there are some serious bugs in the boot priority drive detection.


      I downloaded the latest BIOS the other evening and it didn't make any difference.


      This is very frustrating as my primary boot drive is the one that is missing!!  I've had better luck with the cheap Taiwanese motherboards.  Very disappointing to see bugs like this in an Intel board.


      Anyone have any pointers for me?  Not sure how to go about getting this resolved.