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    Intel DZ77BH-55K Dobly Home Theater v4


      The Intel DZ77BH-55K has Dobly Home Theater v4 support, however the only user interface available to it is to switch it on/off and change between the three modes (musci/video/gaming).  My Acer laptop also has Dobly Home Theater v4 and has a tray icon which allows the changing of the previously mentioned options as well as a settings page.   The settings page allows the equalizer for each mode to be adjusted as well as the volume leveler/surround virtualizer/dialogue enhancer etc.  It would be really great if the Dobly Home Theater v4 settings application could be added to the audio driver installation as the current implementation is a bit crippled.  This should be possible as it is an included module of Dobly Home Theater v4.


      EDIT: For clarity this is the settings window which contains the features which are currently not usable:


      This control panel exists on my laptop which also supports Dolby Home Theater v4.