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    ITK custom BIOS update for DH67CF isn't working

    Antti Järvinen

      I just created a custom bios update with Intel Integrator Toolkit for desktop board DH67CF with the latest BIOS file (0156). Creation of the file went well I only changed one BIOS setting (After power failure - Stay on).


      I then tried to flash the bios using BL0156-1.exe that ITK created for me, but it stops the installation with the following error "This BIOS has been corrupted or there is a problem with the hardware."


      I then tried intstalling the bios using inst_bio_w.bat that ITK created for me, this time my computer rebooted and flashed the BIOS as expected, but the setting changes I made to the BIOS file didn't go with the update (After power failure was still at Stay off setting).