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    Achieving i7's 2600k Max TDP raises BOSD?


      Hi, I was trying to achieve a 7.9 CPU mark on the 'Windows performance evaluation', I got my i7 2600k proc to 4650MHz (stable OC).


      4650MHz still showed 7.8 as CPU mark, so I decided to go 1 step further 4690MHz (Bus = 102, Multiplier 46, rest of Bios settings AUTO)


      I tested under AIDA64 Extreme, test went well until minute 25, when BOSD appeared.


      BOSD 4690MHz.png

      H80 cooler was at max, TDP was close to 95W.


      I wanted to know if achieving 95W would raise a BOSD whose description is shown above.


      If so, and assuming H80 was at max, can I conclude I can not go any further?


      Can I play with different Bus/Multiplier Settings that would allow me to go further than 4645MHz?