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    i5 460m compatibilty


      Hello how are you i have a laptop with i5 460m with HD graphics the question is can i upgrade the processor with better processor from

      i7 or i5

      and the laotop have a pci and i want to connect a Nvidia or AMD throw external adapter to external monitor

      the thing is will the HD graphics still  the ram memory when i do this

      and thanks a lot

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          In order to upgrade the processor of your laptop you need to contact the manufacturer of the unit to see if the architecture of the machine allows that.


          Regarding your second question, if the laptop offers the possibility to use a discrete graphics solution on the PCI slot, the BIOS as an option so you can choose between the processor graphics or the discrete graphics. Our recommendation is that you please check with the manufacturer of the laptop as well to see if the BIOS of the machine has that option.