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    DQ45CB problem

      I built my system (all parts compatable) and it worked perfectly for a few weeks. The only issue was that if you even vaguely tapped the case (or closed the front case door) the computer would turn off claiming a thermal sensor trip...


      Now, after I just put in (compatable) graphics and audio cards, the MB seems to have gone beserk!


      It will turn itself on (with no prompting), run for a few seconds (with no screen showing) then turn off. Then it will turn on again a few seconds later, boot up (with no video again). If you then turn it off (the only option is reset then off) then it will boot up again a few seconds after that! Once again, with no video.


      Even when you turn it off at the PSU, it will go through the same routine when the power is turned back on!


      The only thing that seems to work, and only occassionally, is to tap the side of the case to get a 'thermal trip,' then turn back on. You get a siren noise, then it will sometimes boot normally! Surely that shouldn't be happening???


      The green light is always on (unless you power off at PSU), and the red light coming on usually is followed by the system trying to boot up again. If the red light flashes, it is accompanied by the thermal trip alarm.


      Does anyone know what is going on? This is driving me crazy! I can't get my computer to boot!


      BTW, I rebuilt my system from scratch, and it worked perfectly the first time, then it went back to the usual. It has also started freezing on me. I have updated (sucessfully) the BIOS too.

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