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    D525MW with LSI 3ware 9650

    Frank Hempel



      I'm trying to get a LSI raid controller (9650se-2lp) working at the mPCIe extension of the D525MW board. I'm using a mPCIe -> PCIe x1 riser card from DELOCK which seems to work so far. The controller is recognized during BIOS POST. But pressing ALT-3 to enter the 3ware-BIOS unfortunatly only shows

      Insufficent PMM RAM to load controller software.

      Your system motherboard may require a bios upgrade.

      Press any key to exit.

      The D525MW-BIOS is up-to-date (MWPNT10N.86A.0126). Might there be any chance to see this fixed in future BIOS releases?




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          Hello Frank,


          I understand that you are having problems using a RAID card on the Intel(R) Desktop Board D525MW.


          In regards to your question, it is very unlikely that this problem will get fixed with a BIOS update as Intel(R) will usually not validate the usage of RAID controller cards on Intel(R) Desktop Boards.


          There is an option that may help you with the usage of this card. The option is called expansion card text and will be found in BIOS.


          Hope this works for you.





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            Frank Hempel



            thanks for the reply. I think I had given the mentioned bios option a try without luck. But I'm afraid I will not be able anymore to verify it. During some tests with other BIOS versions the board went to heaven. My last BIOS flash went ok as all others before, however, after the machine was saying that it reboots now it never started up again. Also the BIOS recovery method (-> removing the jumper on the board near the mPCIe slot) does not change anything. It just does not do anything when powering on. Only the fans start up ... this seems to be hint to go for a board supporting the 3ware controller ...


            Thanks anyway,


            Regards, Frank.