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    dh77df h77 bios post raid problem


      I have encountered a fault which I suspect is with the main board (Intel Desktop Board DH77DF).


      It has been configured to use the on-board RAID (Intel H77 Express Chipset with Intel Rapid Storage Technology) with two SSD (OCZ 256GB Vertex 4 SSD) configured as a single RAID-0 striped volume.


      Consistently, when this computer boots from a powered-off state, the RAID POST is missed and so the computer does not detect the configured RAID storage and produces a BIOS error saying no bootable drives are connected.


      To be clear, it is not the case that the SSD drives are not detected. Rather, it is as if the entire storage controller is absent.


      If I force a warm-reboot (using Ctrl-Alt-Delete) at the halted POST, it will restart the POST and correctly detect the on-board RAID controller and boot properly.


      However, if I then power-cycle the computer (shutdown/power-off then power-on) the problem returns until I force another warm-reboot.


      Upgrading the Intel BIOS from version 0069 to 0095 has not resolved the problem.


      Anyone else encountered this problem before and more importantly, is there a fix?

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          Hello Troy,

          I understand that you are not able to boot from your RAID from a cold boot but the array is present on a reboot.

          In regards to your inquire, I recommend you to go in to BIOS and set a hard drive delay of 5 seconds, the option is on the SATA configuration option. This will halt the system for 5 seconds to properly recognize the array.



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            Victor_Intel, that's a good tip for me to remember, as Troy's config was something I was considering as well.


            Troy, I would be very interested in reading your experiences here. Do you see a good performance gain when running 2 ssd in raid as against single ssd?

            Does the config get you a score of 7.9 for hdd performance in the experience index?

            Have you had any other issues with this config as yet?