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    DZ77GA-70K bios update

    Tadashi Dalba

      I want update bios just from windows but on intel download center there are two files for download:



      I'm in windows 7 x64 wich is the correct one for my os config? really I do not want brick the board.

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          I ran into the same thing this morning.  My board is DZ77BH-55k, but the confusion is the same.


          I tried the first one first, the EB.EXE one.  The computer shutdown and rebooted quickly into Win7.  I got the message that the update failed.  I checked and I still had the old BIOS.


          Then I tried the second file (the WINPE64 one) and I read the instructions.  It said to kill all other programs before beginning.  I did so and it worked. It shut down, then I got a screen telling me of all the things it was installing. This took several minutes.  Then it rebooted Win7. Mission success.


          I don't know if killing the other programs first made it work.  I would guess using the second file made it work.  Any way it worked and I didn't screw up the computer.


          My suggestion is use the second one and kill any other programs first.