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    Motherboards that support vPro

      Is there a list of motherboards with vPro Technology?

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          Hello David,


          So you should be able to find a list of the motherboards that support Intel vPro Technology here on www.ark.intel.com. Look under Desktop Products --> Boards --> Select "View All Desktop Boards" --> "Select All" --> Compare and then scroll down to verify the vPro capabilities in the list of "Advanced Technologies" toward the bottom. There are 109 boards, but currently only ~13 with Intel vPro Technology. Using the search feature will get you the latest list of boards. Thanks for inquiring. Let me know if you need anything further!



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            For Intel motherboards, you can go to http://ark.intel.com and compare the Intel desktop boards.  It looks like Intel has 13 with Intel vPro Technology. 

            1. Go to ark.intel.com.
            2. Choose Desktop Products from the list on the left.
            3. Choose Boards
            4. From the right pane, chose View All.  That will give you a list of all desktop boards.
            5. Choose All from the column marked Compare.
            6. Choose Compare Now from the upper pane.
            7. Scroll down to the advanced technologies section of the specifications and find Intel vPro Technology.
            8. Scroll across until you find YES in the Intel vPro Technology row.


            Other board manufacturers (for example, ASUS, MSI, GigaByte, et. al.) also offer boards with Intel vPro Technology.  Sorry, I don't have a complete list of SKUs.

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              Hey Kelsey and Steve,

              Thanks.  This seems like the brute force way, but it works.  I appreciate it.


              You'd think the vPro Expert Center would have a definitive list, but I guess the simple answer is it's only the 'Q' boards and chipsets that have it so far.  I think I'll make the giant HTML chart into a spreadsheet so I can manipulate it more easily.  I'll post it when I'm done.


              Thanks again to both!