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    DZ77GA-70K Reset Problem

    Ken Jongsma

      Seeing a strange problem with my DZ77GA-70K resetting at random. It happens most often when I'm opening the CD burner tray and either have the case cover closed such that they tray attempts to open, then closes, or if I accidentally stutter press the open button such that they tray starts to open, then closes. BIOS is 0049, CD burner firmware is up to date and it doesn't happen every time, Burners are plugged into the mobo SATA II ports (Black).


      No Windows blue screen - the computer just reboots.


      Anyone see this? Any ideas on how to run down the cause?

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          Spontaneous reboots are usually a power problem.


          Now, you would not normally expect an optical drive to draw enough current to pull the PS below threshold, but there may be a short in the power cabling somewhere, or perhaps a power connector is not properly seated.


          The optical drive's software driver may also be the cause. If the manufacturer of the drive hasn't promulgated any updates, you might try removing and then re-installing the current driver (Windows device manager can do this).

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            Ken Jongsma

            Thank you - those are great suggestions. I'll move the drive to a spare tap off the power supply and also reload the driver.

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              Ken Jongsma

              The optical drive was on the same power supply cord as another optical drive and a hard drive. I moved it to it's own cable off the power supply and did my best to get it to trip, but so far, all is well. Thanks again for the suggestion.