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    Dead end installing SSD 330 to laptop


      I'm trying to replace the HD in my 4-yr-old Dell Latitude D530 laptop with a 330 series SSD.  The installation utility stopped with an error:


      Obsolete drivers are detected on your computer. Please reinstall the product or contact Intel Support. (website)

      Not sure what "product" is being referred to here, but I went to Intel support and had it automatically detect my drivers.  It found five, all of which were either OK or "unknown or unsupported - please contact the manufacturer for possible updates."  Because they're Dell OEMs, presumably.  Next stop: Dell's support site, which showed no new drivers for this laptop.

           What do I do next?  I've got an older Acronis drive swapping utility that I could try, but I'd prefer to use the utility Intel designed for use with this product.  Any suggestions of how I might get past this driver error?

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          Just to update my post, I ran Scandisk on my existing HD, which found and repaired quite a few disk errors that had accumulated over its 4 yr. life.  After that, the migration utility ran fine, and I was able to complete my SSD installation.  So take note: apparently the utility's "obsolete drivers are detected on your computer" error can be triggered by a messy HD, which can be cured (or at least was in my case) by running Scandisk.