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    Has anyone run Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 with HD 4000?


      I'm using a Vaio Z (2012 version, SVZ) with HD 4000 graphics. Is anyone with HD 4000 graphics successfully running Adobe Premiere Pro CS6?


      I get the message "no capable video play module" whenever attempting to run Premiere Pro CS6 (since installation). This is an error users get when there are permissions problems or out-of-date video drivers, but I've verified these are not issues for me.


      Adobe tech support claims that my computer or its video driver does not support OpenGL, based on the fact that PP6 does run with the default Microsoft VGA driver. (Don't suggest that as a solution to the problem; that driver doesn't support my external display). Sony had me reinstall the video driver, but other than that has no suggestions. Intel's website says that the HD 4000 supports OpenGL 3.3; Adobe's website says PP6 only needs OpenGL 2.0, so that should be okay. The automatic Intel tool confirms that my video drivers are current.


      It's hard to believe that there could be a modern computer on which Premiere Pro doesn't run at all. The first step is to figure out whether it is just incompatible, or if there's something wrong with my individual computer. Any suggestions?