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    LAN Interface


      Hi I have two brand new DQ45CB motherboards which I am building up, After appling power and going into the bios, I noticed that the LAN information is greyed out showing that it is enabled. I am not able to change this regardless of any changes I may make to the Bios, default or otherwise. I updated the Bios to the latest and at that point which had no effect. As there alway showed a link light and data flow I decided to try and use PXE to see if it would pick up an IP address. It did and it worked looking of a tftp iso image on my Linux computer, so I am happy that the device is working at that point in the boot process. However it is not recognised during the boot process by my Linux boot disk. The second motherboard exhibited that same issues and I am unable to find any reference under any of the documenation that I have at my disposal as to why the Bios setting would be greyed out and unavailable.


      Any one got any ideas ???



      Kind Regards



      Athol Reid