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    Intel RST 11.5 memory leak


      Hi guys,

      Is anyone else having memory leak issues with RST

      I'm running Win 7 64-bit on Z68 chipset and was happy to find out that RST 11.5 was finally out, but I soon found out that it has memory leak issues as IAStorDataMgrSvc.exe *32 reserves over 700 Mb of RAM during the day. I'm pretty sure the count would be even higher if I wouldn't shut my PC down for the night.

      I've tried uninstalling and re-installing but it didn't help. I'm assuming this problem only exists for a minority of users since googling only brought up a few other people complaining with the same issue.


      Anyways, I hope Intel fixes this issue soon

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          It's confirmed everywhere on the Web...


          I also got the problem on my computer :

          Mobo : P8P67 Deluxe

          RAID : 4 SSD Crucial M4 in RAID 10 with OROM v11.5.0.1414


          after 24 h without turning off my PC, IAStorDataMgrSvc.exe use 1.5Gb of RAM!!!


          Also a lot of monitoring apps are BSODing instantly if used with this RST

          And for me it leads to massive data corruption ...fortunately I have a daily backup on separated HD.



          Nice programing piece Intel clap clap clap

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            It looks like IRST has been removed from Intel's download pages. I would suggest installing 11.2 or earlier IRST driver.

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              Confirmed. I have created a scheduled task which periodically restarts the thing.


              And the RAID 0 TRIM support is not working in my configuration (if it is implemented?). No release notes found...

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                Confirmed. 1.7 GB being used by using this driver.


                I ended the driver process, reenabled it and watched the memory climb mteverest.


                Another confirmation, hope intel jumps on this as I am using a Z75 board.

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                  Same problem here. I uninstalled RST and went back to, which now is the latest intel offers for download. This solves this issue, but a _real_ update would be nice.

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                    No, is:

                    Download Center

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                      This seems to be only for Intel Mainboards as it says. If you go by Chipsets -> Chipset Software -> IRST you end up with the as being the latest.

                      My mainboard is an Asus.

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                        This is an Intel forum, after all, so that wouldn't be so bad, but it turns out that's not the case. People with non-Intel boards use these later releases, too, as can be seen all over the Internet.


                        I don't know why Intel rarely updates their main RST page for the later releases, which have included 11.0, 11.1, 11.2, and until recently, 11.5. Perhaps it's oversight, perhaps it's being conservative.

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                          Thanks for the info. Honestly I did expect the 11.2 to work on my board, but when it's about storage stuff I am better safe than sorry.

                          And please don't ask my why I tried the 11.5 so early. ^^

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                            Oh come on, you know why, most people do that too, It's new, so must be better, and improved, and will even be miraculous! It's human nature, we hope to find treasure.


                            I tried it too, but did not damage anything. If I still used the Intel RAID driver that my mobo manufacture supplies for my "old" X58 board, I'd be using Matrix Storage 9... something.  I use IRST and on Intel X58, P67 and Z77 boards, which are newer than the mobo manufacture supplies, with no problems. That 11.5 driver is an exception, it is has issues, which is very unusual for a WHQL certified driver. There is likely more to this story than we know or ever will.

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                              parsec wrote:


                              Oh come on, you know why, most people do that too, It's new, so must be better, and improved, and will even be miraculous! It's human nature, we hope to find treasure.

                              If only some people who did this, then didn't go on to complain when things didn't go as they'd hoped. I've had my share of disappointing BIOS, software and driver 'upgrades' and I realise that going down that path of experimentation is very much at ones own risk. Fortunately the 'non-essential' BIOS upgrades I have tried were reversable. Intel is making things harder with newer motherboards by offering 'no going back' BIOS updates in many cases now so people really need to be sure about whether they actually need to upgrade.

                              PS did you get my pm parsec?

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                                You are so right about the complaints. But I'm seeing some people that take the advice of someone without really knowing what they are using, and assume it is, for example, a WHQL certified driver, when it is a beta driver from who knows where.


                                I'm becoming much more wary of BIOS/UEFI and firmware updates from every manufacture. Not that they are all defective, but they are simply not what we think (hope) they will be. Actually, I've seen some bad ones recently, by some mother board manufactures, when adding support for Ivy Bridge CPUs to to Sandy Bridge chipset boards. Yes those CPUs should be compatible, with a proper UEFI update, but I don't think the updates were tested very well by some manufactures. They too won't let you change back, and there might be a valid technical reason for that, unfortunately. Look before you leap...


                                PS: Saw your latest PM, and replied.

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                                  When i had my old 5400RPM HD installed it was working fine, until i installed SSD and that's when i findout that is has a memory leak, from a picture you can tell it uses 700MB but before i took a picture it was using upto 2GB

                                  I had to restart Win7 to eliminate memory leak since service restart didn't do a thing to my system



                                  I uninstalled it completely with reg cleaning etc...

                                  and now i'm running faster then when i had RST installed

                                  That's my fix on it

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                                    How do you revert back to a previous version? Do I have to uninstall the current IAStorDataMgrSvc.exe?


                                    Also, how do you install the above download for the older version?