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    Xeon e3-1245 v2 Do I Need Motherboard Graphics?


      given this chip has integrated p4000 hd graphics (which according to the spec sheet is considerably better than i3 integrated hd graphics 2000 for example), is there any benefit to purchasing a motherboard with integrated graphics as well (for example the asus p8b ws with nvidia quadro gpus)? i noticed that hp's z1 workstations with e3-1245 chips can be purchased with the following "graphics": nvidia quadro 500m (1gb), nvidia quadro 1000m (2gb), or intel hd graphics p2000 (which i assume means no additional onboard/mobo graphics, just the cpu's integrated graphics). any help would be greatly appreciated...

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          On this specific scenario you are describing, since the processor has graphics build on it the motherboard doesn’t require graphics controller on it. Now, in case you get a motherboard that has a graphics controller and with this processor installed, you have the possibility on the BIOS to choose between them to use one or the other. Having that in mind, we can say that there is no advantage by using a board having a graphics controller and a processor with integrated graphics together.

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            thank you very much luis, i was a little foggy about this topic... when looking at the z1 units i didn't realize that the units i referred to were actually equipped with hi-end nvidia graphcs cards as opposed to integrated nvidia graphics chips (if there is such a thing). a couple of more questions, if you will:


            1. i intend to use only the integrated graphics of the e3-1245 v2 (p4000), i.e. no additional graphics card. will this be sufficient for casual adobe cs5/6 work and viewing/streaming hd video content (no editing)?


            2. an asus board i was looking at boasts the following:

            The P8B WS supports Intel Xeon E3-1200 workstation processors and features the workstation-specific Intel C206 chipset to boost extreme-output Intel HD Graphics P3000. It provides ultimate visualization and 3D modeling capabilities, with dedicated support for profession applications for Adobe Photoshop, Autodesk AutoCAD, Autodesk Inventor, UGS Solid edge and more.


            i have since decided to go with an mini itx intel board, the S1200KP - does this board facilitate the same sort of p3000/4000 as what the asus board describes? thanks again for your valuable help!

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              About the first question the answer is yes. The P3000 Graphics Technology on the processor supports those examples you suggested.


              About the second question, I can suggest you contact the Intel Servers Support Team so they can inform you about the capabilities of the motherboard S1200KP and the compatibility with this processor. You can contact them by chat using the link: