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    Faulty stencil buffer support on Intel HD 3000 using driver version and Window 7 professional (64 bits)


      Hi guys,


      This thread title ended up being longer than I expected.


      I am a software engineer at muvee (www.muvee.com) and work on the opengl rendering of muvee Reveal X.


      Recently I have been informed that on some machines, the "Reflections" style is not showing the user image.


      The machine in question has the following specs.


      1. DELL 3350

      2. Intel HD 3000 onboard graphics

      3. Windows 7 professional (64 bits)

      4. Driver version

      5. Driver date: 19/3/2012


      Based on the feedback from our end-user and after some investigations, I found out that the openGL stencil buffer support is faulty. It worked fine in the previous driver version. However with the new driver update, the user image simply does not show up.


      I'm not quite sure what has changed in the driver implementation but I thought you guys should know about this issue we are having. The problem only happens on the above mentioned graphics card, with the above mentioned OS and with the specific above mentioned driver version.


      Should you wish to dig deeper into the problem, you can download our trial photo/video editing software at www.muvee.com to get the trial version and then try out our "Reflections" style.


      I hope to hear from you guys soon.