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    Threaded Optimization


      I've recently been trying to play certain, very famous indie game. However, to get the best experience, I've been told, I need to disable something called "threaded optimization." I'm no stranger to it, on my old computer, anyway. On my old computer, I could go to the nVidia Control Panel and disable in a snap. Now, I have an upgraded computer, with the grand power of a 813 MB video card, Intel G41 Express Chipset, over my old 256 MB nVidia card. I've also gotten Windows 7, and a few other things, along with the Intel Control Panel. There's the problem. I can't find threaded optimization in any of the menus. So, what I want to know is, did I miss it? Is it hidden? Maybe it isn't there, in which case, i ask that it be added in a future update to the G41 Express Chipset's Control Panel. But if it is there, someone, please, tell me where. And if it isn't, then, Intel, please add it. It will be a great addition that will help gamers everywhere.


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          That is not an option available in our video drivers.


          We suggest to check check with the game developer for a patch or a way in the game to disregard this feature.

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            It's not an option now, but can it be added to the control panel? Is that even possible, I mean, without me having to buy a new video card, from Intel or nVidia? Graphics developers have strange abilities when it comes to messing with this stuff. Maybe there's an option that has the same effects, but a different name, or multiple options and settings can be used together to create the effect I need. I hope there's way to fix this, because I can't get another video card for quite some time.

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              Hey! Sorry that I'm late to the party.


              I have as well scanned the Intel Card panel, and have found no results.

              This leads me to believe that Intel cards simply don't have Threaded Optimization, because there's no option to turn it on/off.


              My Intel Card is a Integrated card (3000)


              So we both can play our Indie game with that certain mod... (Would the game be MC?)

              Hope I helped...