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    Increasing capacity after Raid 0 (DX58SO - Intel Matrix 8.5)


      I have an Intel Motherboard(DX58SO-ATX s1366(i7) ) from 2009 with a Core i7 920 with 8 G RAM.

      I had the following scenario:

      (D: NTFS) 1T ATA HD working RAID 0 with 1T ATA HD not working  - done through Intel Matrix 8.5 (both are Seagate Barracudas)


      I did the following:

      A) Replaced non-working 1T with new 2T WD Green drive. Remirrored using Intel Matrix with no problem.

      B) Replaced working 1T with another new 2T WD Green drive. Remirrored the 2T from (A) with no problems.


      I now added the 2 1T drives independently.


      The problem is that when I look at the Windows 7 Computer management, it sees the new (D:) as only having the 1T (931.5G).

      It doesnt give me the opportunity to Expand - only Shrink, Delete.


      I dont see anything in the Matrix Manager that would allow me to regain the the extra space from the 2 T drives.  I have backups as well as the old 1T drives appear independently


      Anyone have any ideas on how I can gain the space back?DX58O