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    DH61AG and PCIx4 total power consumption.


      According to DH61AG_TechProdSpec...


      The motherboard is designed to provide up to 25 W to the PCI Express x4 slot.  The

      total power consumption from add-in boards on this slot must not exceed this rating"


      I was planning to use HD 7750 for this board..but after this..don't think I should.

      But I must ask what could happen If I decide to use card that req arround 50W.

      PCI should be able to deliver 50W without a problem.

      Rest devices plugged to this board is I3 2120T/ssd/slimDVD.

      Maybe there is a "freee W" that could be used for hd 7750?.

      But maybe electronic component used to deliver voltage for PCI on this mobo cant't stand higher ammount of W?.

      Best regards.

      ps.Sorry for my English.