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    Am I safe to 'unpark' cores?


      I have a i7-3820 that I use with Windows 7.


      The computer is used strictly for gaming where I want the best absolute performance at all times.  Windows 7 will park cores, and unpark them as needed.  A lot of gaming forums recommend 'unparking' cores for a slight bump in performance.  Most people seem to use a mod to help them do it quickly and cleanly ( link to mod:  Coder Bag: Disable CPU Core Parking Utility ).


      My question:


      Regardless of whether performance is increased, is there any harm that I am doing to my processor by unparking those cores?  My understanding from all the reading I've done suggests that the parking of cores is mostly just a power saver - and that there is no risk to unparking the cores.  But, I'd like to ask the people who truly matter in this respect ... ie. Intel.


      So, any actual harm to unparking cores?


      Thx in advance.