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    communicating with ich8 in order to "open the drawer"



      I am trying to open the drawer; I am not kidding.

      I have a Windows Embedded 2009 system, with a motherboard with ICH8 controller. This computer is a POS tablet pc computer. In order to open the drawer from my software, the hardware producer gave me the follow instructions (only):

      In PCB G0B revision, the cash drawer control method are: Drawer Open #1 : it's controlled by GPO8 (IO offset 50Dh, Bit0) When set Bit0 to Low(0), the drawer will be opened. After Bit0 to Low(0), then set Bit0 back to High(1)  [It's like the Toggle (pull low and back to high) and the duration do not need to be long.]

      I found that there is a driver implemented, see this link http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ee428796.aspx.

      How may I implement this in c#?

      Please provide some guidelines; somehow, where to start from?

      Kind regards,

      Dennis Teo