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    dh77df i3-2120t - BSOD


      Hi, just installed my new HTPC based on :


      Intel DH77DF  mini-itx in Streacom FC8 Chassis (passive cooling)

      Intel Core i3-2120T

      Crucial M4 SSD 128gb

      Corsair ValueSelect DDR3 - 8GB (2x4) - 1333

      minibox PicoPSU - 90W   With 100W Power Brick

      Running Windows 7-64

      Applied all latest updates (bios / chipset / audio / graphics)




      1) i can run this system for hours and hours just playing audio etc .. and i have no problem at all  ....




      2) i am consistently getting BSODs  all the time  with "Machine_Check_Exception - Stop 0x9c"    when i am doing for example :


      - running a "system rating" crashed somewhere halfway

      - when i try to start a video file from my media player it immediately freeze / bsods

      - a google search for some images gives me a result but when i try to open one -- i get a bsod


      3) I have tried running the system in save mode and when i kick of a video file from there i says something about graphics that cannot be invoked but it does not crash my system..


      4) Running Intel Desktop Utilities is see temeperatures of the processor etc below 50 degrees...

      5) RAM voltage is set to 1.5v in the BIOS .. but desktop utilities actually shows   1,77 volt ?

      6) Performed a Windows memory check : OK


      So.. pretty much tried everything i can think of ... Any Suggestions  ?


      Thanks Koen


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          hi, i just tested the system in safe mode (with network)  and experienced no problems at all playing video files etc ..   as result of safe mode resolution was preety poor .. but no crashes..


          so ... going back to normal mode and strating exactly the same video files it immediately crashes


          so .. whats the difference ... internal graphics processor ?


          I also saw a BSOD x0101 now ..  "a clock interrupt was not received on a secondary processor"

          Anyways... i would assume this is a sw problem

          Any suggestions how to proceed ?

          thanks !!

          reg koen

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            Status update..


            1) in one of the other threads i noticed an error in the dh77df bios...   memory specified as 1.5 volt was actually running on 1.75 volt.. it seems that there is a multiplier error in the bios..   sertting the value to 1.4 gaver me nice

            1.54 v memory voltage...   it did not solve my issue however ..


            2) i have replaced my pico psu 90 W by a 350 w psu wityhout resulkt ..  the power supply is not the issue


            3) i have tested mermory with memtest64 .. no issues


            4) i have reinstalled all latest drivers .. did not help


            5) i have swapped memory modules .. did not help


            6) i have tested the CPU with intel diagnostices ... no issues there


            7) i noticed strange difference


            >> starting dvd video file works great from jriver MC

            >> starting m4a / avi / divx   immerdiately crashed my system with BSOD...


            whats the differnece between these 2 ???  


            8) when running in safe mode i can start all video files without issue...even the avi / m4a etc 



            i hjave i3-2120t processor with integrated hd 2000...  graphics driver is latest version ... so is bios


            any ideras ????



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              Hi,   i was looking at solutions for my BSOD problem. Currently receiving lot of X101 BSODs.


              One solution i commonly find is "increase vcore voltage"


              Just like the memory voltage i see a discrepantion between the voltage in the BIOS and the voltage really measured    with intel desktop utilities....


              In the bios the CPU Core Voltage is specified as 1.04v


              In IDU i see 0.96v  


              What is the truth ??   And what is causing this ??


              It seems that 0.96 is pretty low and might be the cause of my   x101 BSODs  .....


              I see no way to change it in the bios ...  maybe also a bios multiply factor error here ????


              any ideas ??

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                SAme motherboard and processor here, and I'm having the exact same issues.  Its completely random for me when it happens, but I almost always get a weird pixelated image just before crashing.  Sometimes it will recover and windows will tell me east it recovered fromdrives play driver crash.  I'm about to throw this thing out the window, or maybe just run a descrete graphics card, since all signs to me point to a video driver problem.

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                  hi, Intel proposed to (warranty) replace the processor.. so i am waiting for DHL to pick it up..

                  Keep you posted on the results...


                  In my system i can recreate the problem by starting the h264.mp4   video files that are part of windows 7

                  winsat performance ... only these 2 crash the system... and sometimes opening a browser (i think depending on what is displayed)  ..



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                    Thanks for the update.  I hope it works for you.  If so I guess there is an Rma in my future. 

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                      Hi, replacing the CPU resolved the issue!


                      Great support from Intel !


                      regards Koen

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                        Awsome.  Great to hear. Guess it's time to give them a call.


                        Thanks do much for checking back in.